About FAME

Follow-up Automated Management eSystem - FAME

Survey data collection can provide contextual and explanatory information to existing health surveillance systems, such as psycho-social factors associated with behavioural prevention of infectious diseases. Often, such information is not easily integrated with those systems. The collection of such data, especially in the form of cohort studies, tends to be viewed as an optional, expensive add-on. Online survey data collection platforms offer the potential for efficient, integrated data collection and management.

Follow-up Automatic Management eSystem (FAME) is a unique integrated system that can digitally link individually tailored questionnaires, study databases, and communications with participants. Crucially, FAME can manage longitudinal data to enable smooth processes of follow-up and retention. FAME is adaptable to any research project.

FAME enables maximum digital management of research studies and ensures a simple, straightforward experience for participants, which protects participant confidentiality and ensures data integrity. All communications with participants are automatically generated and link to their own records. Individual participants' records, such as consent forms, baseline questionnaires, and all follow-up rounds, are automatically matched. Access to any data or identifying information has been protected by secure barriers at each level of access.

Developed by Mohamed A. Hammoud, Alessandro Chisari, Garrett Prestage